Almare Spa & Gym
Almare Spa & Gym

Almare means blessedness in quenya language of the elves. A name from another world, from a magical place. Almare is a state where only relaxation, happiness and beauty can take place. It exists beyond reality, out of time. Welcome to our spa and gym where magic exists.

What we do

Our spa and gym is located inside Cook’s Club Hotel at Hersonissos. Our experienced staff prepares and offers top wellness proposals for relaxation, detoxification, weight loss, health, beauty and well-being. Our fitness specialists offer tailor made fitness programs, small group exercise, bootcamps and martial arts and self defense through our “Martial and Survival Arts and Science Academy”. In the center of Hersonissos, we are waiting you to meet a different experience.


Spa treatments

Bring out your most beautiful and attractive side, making your mood soar. With the professionalism, advanced technology and a series of top beauty products as your allies, you can look better than ever before. Seek out the secrets of an attractive, well-groomed appearance at Almare Spa and share them ... without holding back!



Feel stronger and healthier than ever before! Choose the fitness training that suits you today, backed by our top professionals and modern equipment. Also get into martial arts or krav maga self defense!


Our work

Check our programs, find what you desire.

Contact us

Contact us we will feel glade to help you whatever you what to ask. Also if you want to send you offers and gifts join our e-mail list.

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